dina and partners

​​​Our Story

Welcome to our online collective that is dina and partners.  We are a design

partnership that is a collaborative affair among a small group of design

creatives.  Through the eye of the interior designer, the lens of the photographer

and the touch of the landscape designer, we share our ideas and finds with you.

Each of us comes to the collective table  with a different point of view in selecting

key finds for the store, yet compliments each other in a common aesthetic. 

Just as we have collaborated and shared ideas in creating home and garden

environments for friends and clients, now, we share our design concepts with you.

From our design workshop in South Pasadena, California, please join us each season

as we share unexpected selections of vintage finds for your home and garden.

Indulge your creative inspiration and delight in creating a fresh home environment

with our evolving inventory.  Find key pieces to enhance your space with the best in

seasonal finds.  Create a highly personal, well traveled look with the addition of hard

to find accessories, décor, furniture and tableware from Dina and Partners. 

Our current offerings of hard to find selections, showcase an extravagance of

tableware, from lovely china and linens for the table to decorative cache pots

and accessories for a stylish guest suite, where all can enjoy the changing seasons.

Join us for the design journey! 

Visit our Etsy store for more, there will be something just for you.